We firmly believe that small hydels of up to 20MW are the answer for developing countries. As we are based in Quebec, a hotspot of hydroelectric projects of all sizes, we have a pool of expertise available to us. In the developing world, many sites of various sizes have already been identified. The pre-feasibility studies have already been done in different levels of detail. Here, we come in again as a base camp to identify sites with the co-operation of local government and with local business groups as joint venture partners for local civil works. Our Canadian experts organize a complete plan of action on a turnkey basis, from initial study to the actual turning of the key to produce electricity. All of this can be completed within 2.5 years, as opposed to mega projects that take 15 to 20 years to complete. We believe that it’s better to deliver 200 power generation sites of 5 MW in 2.5 - 3 years.


There are thousands of sites all over the world that need developing and the countries where they are are in dire need of eco, green, and inexpensive electricity that can be generated through small hydels. We need to use our highly educated expertise to manufacture, resell, and train the rest of the world. That would be a net export industry in addition to concentrating in North America.

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