Mr. Shuja Bashir

Founder | Energy Development Base Canada, Montreal, Canada.

Mr. Bashir sought to assist in massive job creation in South Asia, primarily to stop or minimize the outflow of labor to the Gulf States. This outflow was causing havoc on the social life of the developing world, where most of the men leave to work for extremely low wages in the oil-rich states or migrate to the West.


Bashir was concerned about the major restrictions on electricity access faced by those living in South Asia’s developing countries due to load shedding, or rolling blackouts, and the prohibitive cost of electricity service. Load shedding in these countries now averages 6 to 12 hours daily, making life highly impractical for businesses and families. He concluded that, although the Indian sub-continent has gained freedom from the British, true freedom will only come when there is affordable, uninterrupted electricity for all.


Bashir’s view that unreliable electricity is a major impediment to the progress of impoverished regions was solidified during frequent travels to the Middle East and South Asia as he observed the impact it had on the economies and quality of life in these regions. These observations inspired Bashir to establish EnerDevBase in 2015. EnerDevBase seeks to develop energy sources, such as electricity and natural gas, as well as add value to the mining sector in a cost-efficient manner to bring affordable energy access to consumers in the developing world. The organisation is founded upon the notion that access to electricity will accelerate the economic growth of developing nations and improve the employment rate of each implicated country. EnerDevBase is currently in collaboration with Dr. Michael Blinderman, director at Montreal’s Ergo Exergy Technologies Inc. and Dr. John M. Hanchar, head of the department of Earth Sciences and director of the Center for Earth Resources Research (CERR) at Memorial University in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada.

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