Dr. George Mahmourides is currently the Business Development & Knowledge Transfer Officer with BioFuelNet Canada. George was previously a Director of Market Intelligence & Medical Content with HIT-Global Consulting Services Inc. Prior to that appointment, he was Medical Director of CME Programs for IntraMedical Health Services, a subsidiary of Young & Rubicam (New York, NY). George was also Vice President of Life Sciences Assets with Channel Financial Group, as well as a Senior Biotechnology Analyst with Valeurs Mobilières Desjardins / Groome Capital.


George had invested over 35 years in the biotech-life sciences-pharmaceutical-cleantech world. With a doctoral degree in microbial physiology and an MBA degree from McGill University, George started his career as a bench–scientist at National Research Council of Canada (NRCC) in Ottawa. His subsequent “industrial” appointment within the Biotechnology Research Institute of Montreal (BRIM) focused on bioconversions/modifications. George eventually migrated into teaching by accepting a full-time tenure track position as assistant university professor of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology in Nova Scotia. He has also taught in Montreal and Toronto.  Subsequently, George crossed over into the private sector, working as Director of R&D and Director of Business Development for various firms in Toronto and Montreal.


In the span of his career, George has been an active member of the Toronto Biotechnology Initiative (TBI), Innovation Management Association of Canada (IMAC, now known as the CATA Alliance) and the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP). He has also been a task force member of the Biotechnology Human Resource Council (BHRC) and the Canada Foundation for Innovation.

Dr. George Mahmourides

Business Development & Knowledge Transfer Officer | BioFuelNet Canada.

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