Our organization, in evolution since 1974, aims to share with the developing world some of the most valuable ideas, products, technologies, and procedures we have observed while living and traveling in the West. These elements could greatly facilitate daily life in developing nations, fostering the equality that supports greater harmony between East and West.



Our priority is to use expertise from the developed world to help create jobs in developing economies and to offer actionable fair solutions. We remain accountable to our conscience; we aim to do the right thing no matter what.


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  • To provide present and future generations the option of having a better quality of life with clean, green and renewable energy.

  • To assist in reducing and eliminating poverty by creating jobs, stimulating economies, and enriching lives through electricity. Our interactions with ordinary citizens taught us that people are proud and truly want to work, preferring employment opportunities to handouts or charity.

  • To Generate 10,000 MW through eUCG within 5 years.

  • To generate 5,000 MW of electricity through mini hydels (small power generating stations capable of producing up to 20 MW).

  • To improve the lives of ordinary citizens who are preoccupied with bread and butter issues. We believe that in starting small, we can soon make a big difference.


To bring practical solutions from the developed western world to the developing world with methods that are cost-effective and beneficial to both sides. Our primary focus would be on developing energy sources such as electricity and natural gas, as well as adding value to the mining sector, in a cost-efficient manner that would bring affordable access to consumers in the developing world. The prohibitive cost of electricity rates in developing nations is a recipe for unrelenting discontent. Our objective is to advance power generation in these areas in order to provide affordable access for consumers & industry. We believe this may be the only way to accelerate the economic growth of developing nations and to achieve an employment rate of 95% in each country.

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